Monday, June 7, 2010

Top 5 Perfumes;

Hey everyone..!

Trying to update my posts to get a quick start at this whole blog thing.. Anyway, here is a post of my top 5 perfumes. Of course, everyone has different taste when it comes to perfumes. I love fruity, or vanilla types of scents. This all depends on the season. I try to stick to fruity,floral, and fresh perfumes in the summer! As for winter, I stick to mainly vanilla perfumes. Here are my top 5 perfumes that I stick to. From what I've seen on youtube and blogs, people likes these perfumes too!

Fancy by Jessica Simpson
Scent : Vanilla, Musky, STRONG SCENT! - Rating 3/5
I fell in love with this scent once I tried it. It smelled so good. The downfall was that it was really strong. I cannot stand strong scents because they give me migraines. I chose to wear this perfume on special occasions because the scent is so strong. People love it though!

Paris by Paris Hilton
Scent : Floral, Fruity, Fresh- Rating: 4/5
This perfume is great to wear at any time of the year. I have gotten comments from this perfume and a lot of people seem to like this perfume also. This perfume was a hit for Paris!

Fantasy by Britney Spears
Scent : Vanilla, Musky - Rating: 3/5
Overall, this perfume smells really nice! Adds a nice touch to your skin. It is a very popular favorite! I would wear this mostly in the winter time.

Lolita Lempicka
Smell: Vanilla,Musky - Rating: 5/5
This perfume attracts everyone! Once I wear it, I get people asking me what is it i'm wearing! This perfume can be worn all year, but I prefer wearing it in the winter.

DKNY Red Delicious
Smell: Fruity,Apple, Sweet - Rating: 4/5
This perfume is LOVE. I must admit, I never got any questions as to what perfume I was wearing, but I love wearing it. It is really fresh and summery!


  1. Ou, I love, love, fancy. It's going to be my next perfume purchase, I'm too poor at the moment, haha.

  2. @ Sabrina, the smell is amazing eh? At stores, it was pretty expensive (65$) I got it off Ebay for only 30$ the real thing too! Lemme know if you want the link :)