Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nails : Nail Colours for Summer 2010

Hey everyone! So this year, nail polish has been something everyone has been using or picking up the habit. I remember I used to never wear nail polish because I thought it was tacky. (I know, I'm weird) but now... I CAN'T GO WITHOUT IT ON MY NAILS!

Anyway, this summer, bright colours have come into the picture for Spring/Summer 2010. My best recommendation for a GREAT, GOOD QUALITY, BEAUTIFUL nail polish... would be China Glaze. The collection that has amazed me the most from them is the Up Up & Away! collection. This collection consists of BEAUTIFUL pastel/creamy colors for your nails.

As you can see, the colors range from orange, red, pink, coral, pastel yellow, lavender, mint +++ MORE. The quality of these polishes are amazing and I truly recommend them!!


xoxo; kali

Monday, June 7, 2010

Makeup Pick Of The Week: THE BODY SHOP : Vitamin E Face Mist

Hello! So my pick for this week will be the VITAMIN E Face Mist by THE BODY SHOP. This mist is very similar to MAC's Fix+. These bottles both contain the same amount of liquid.. and the body shop's mist is cheaper by $2.00.

What does this mist do? : It helps freshen your face. Also, helps set your makeup.

How do I review it? : Well, I find this works very well! If I need to moisten a brush, this spray does the trick! I always spray this mist after I've put on my foundation,concealer,powder,bronzer, and blush on. Keeps it on ALL DAY.


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xoxo ; kali

TOP 5 : Summer MUST Haves

Hey everyone! Here is a little TOP5 I put together of some essentials for this summer 2010. Check it out and comment! ;)

You always gotta protect yourself from the sun! I know, you all want that tan...but do you want to end up with skin cancer? I don't think so! So PUT IT ON! ;) Try to at least put on a min of 15 SPF.

2. Cute Shoes

Every girl needs to have some cute shoes to walk in! Summer is the time to show off your pedi, so rock some heels, wedges, or gladiators! Your good to go!

#3 : Cute Swimsuits!

Get some cute swimsuits! They have great deals at H&M, F21 and Old Navy this summer for swimsuits! No matter what your body size, these stores will have the right bathing suit for you ;)

#4 : Cute Shades

This is the time to protect your eyes! Rock your fav' sunglasses. Aviators, Wayfarers, Big, Small...wear them all!

#5: Hats Hats Hats!

Fedorah's are really in style this season. Doesn't hurt to try one on! So far, I've seen these hats range about 10-30$ Very affordable!

xoxo ; kali

Fashion : Wedges

This summer, wedges have became so popular. In my opinion, they are so fun to walk around in! To dress down, you can always wear wedges with a pair a jeans. To dress up, wear the wedges with the romper. You will look FABULOUS! :)

You can find AFFORDABLE wedges at the following places : Aldo, Spring Shoes, Go Jane, Cutesy Girl, AmiClubWear, Ebay, Target, Steve Madden +++++ MORE!

xoxo, kali

Fashion : ROMPERS

Ahh, the new trend. Rompers. I feel that this is a big hit this summer. A lot of girls are rockin' the romper. I, myself, bought a few too! I find that these rompers are a great way to dress up in a casual way ;) but at the same time, you can dress up in a romper for a night out and look AMAZING!

Where to buy them at a decent price? : Forever 21, Costa Blanca (Canada), Urban Behavior (Canada and some US), Urban Outfitters, Winners (Canada), TJMaxx, Marshalls +++++++ more!

xoxo; kali

folloooow me?

I know it's only been a couple of hours since I created this blog, but if anyone can follow me or even give me some tips as to HOW I can advertise my blog, lemme know ;)

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Top 5 Perfumes;

Hey everyone..!

Trying to update my posts to get a quick start at this whole blog thing.. Anyway, here is a post of my top 5 perfumes. Of course, everyone has different taste when it comes to perfumes. I love fruity, or vanilla types of scents. This all depends on the season. I try to stick to fruity,floral, and fresh perfumes in the summer! As for winter, I stick to mainly vanilla perfumes. Here are my top 5 perfumes that I stick to. From what I've seen on youtube and blogs, people likes these perfumes too!

Fancy by Jessica Simpson
Scent : Vanilla, Musky, STRONG SCENT! - Rating 3/5
I fell in love with this scent once I tried it. It smelled so good. The downfall was that it was really strong. I cannot stand strong scents because they give me migraines. I chose to wear this perfume on special occasions because the scent is so strong. People love it though!

Paris by Paris Hilton
Scent : Floral, Fruity, Fresh- Rating: 4/5
This perfume is great to wear at any time of the year. I have gotten comments from this perfume and a lot of people seem to like this perfume also. This perfume was a hit for Paris!

Fantasy by Britney Spears
Scent : Vanilla, Musky - Rating: 3/5
Overall, this perfume smells really nice! Adds a nice touch to your skin. It is a very popular favorite! I would wear this mostly in the winter time.

Lolita Lempicka
Smell: Vanilla,Musky - Rating: 5/5
This perfume attracts everyone! Once I wear it, I get people asking me what is it i'm wearing! This perfume can be worn all year, but I prefer wearing it in the winter.

DKNY Red Delicious
Smell: Fruity,Apple, Sweet - Rating: 4/5
This perfume is LOVE. I must admit, I never got any questions as to what perfume I was wearing, but I love wearing it. It is really fresh and summery!

Nail Colour of the Week

Hey everyone. FIRST POST! So the Insta-Dri Sally Hansen collection is amazing! I give it 4/5 stars. I am currently wearing the Sonic Bloom colour...which is a true coral colour. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. The colour dries so quickly and goes on so nicely! The only downfall would probably be the brush. It is a bit fat making it hard to reach corners and stuff. Also, chipping occurs if you don't have a top coat. If you put a top coat, should be fine.

edit: you can find this product at any drugstore for under 6 bucks! so many different colours! :)


xoxo; Kali